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*Memorandum for peace*

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The purpose of this Memorandum is to submit to all the parties in conflict, and to those seeking to arbitrate among them, a simple proposition giving satisfaction to all the tendencies, providing each one agrees to abandon a totalitarian vision of domination over the others in order to cooperate in an equitable and constructive manner.

Various solutions have been proposed to establish a confederation between Israel, Palestine and Jordan. All are based on old decisions of the United nations, more or less modified.
Our proposal is rather to federate the regions in constant conflict since more than 40 years. The idea is to create a new State, the "Holy Land", grouping ten of the present regions of Israel and Lebanon in a Federation of Regions (or cantons), each having its own government (1).
The region of Jerusalem (7th region on the attached plan) would include mainly the city of Jerusalem and its surroundings. Two Chambers, on the Swiss model, would have their seat there: A Chamber of Deputies (elected by universal suffrage in the entire country) and a Chamber of Regions composed of the representatives (for example, 7 per Region) appointed by the governments of each Region. The General Assembly, convening the two Chambers, would appoint for four years the President of the State who would be alternatively a Jew, a Muslim and a Christian.
Each Region would have its own government, elected by its citizens by universal suffrage. Each citizen of the Holy Land would be able to travel, work or live freely in any other Region of the country.

The new state, the Holy Land, would be a legitimate member of the United Nations and the members of the Security Council would guarantee its complete integrity. The present Israeli and Palestinian armies could be converted into an important contingent of blue helmets (United Nations Army responsible for policing the States).
The Holy Land, cradle of the three great monotheistic religions, which gave us:

  • the universal calendar
  • the rhythm of life in weeks
  • the work week with a day of rest

would thus once more be a model of harmony and peace.

(1) Should Lebanon and Syria oppose this arrangement, a federation of 7 regions could be a possible first step. In exchange for the Golan, indispensable to the protection of the Galilee, Syria could be granted the region of Tripoli, which has always been under its direct influence.

       (see attached map)
1. The Negev, capital Eilat, would become the principal region of Jewish immigration, governed by Jews, inhabited by Israelis and Bedouins.
2. Palestine, capital Beersheba, would become the principal region for Palestinian immigration, governed by Moslems, outlet for ex-zone of Gaza, presently overpopulated, and inhabited mainly by Palestinians and Bedouins.
3. Israel, capital Tel-Aviv, an essentially industrial and commercial region, governed and inhabited for the most part by Jews.
4. Judea, capital Hebron, a mountainous region extending to the Dead Sea, mainly Islamic, with Jewish and Christian minorities, governed by Moslems.
5. Samaria, capital Naplouse, including the right bank of the lower Jordan; Islamic, governed by Moslems.
6. Galilee, capital Haifa, with the Kinneret and the Golan, including Jews, Arabs (mainly Christians) and Druze, governed by Jews.
7. Jerusalem, both region and capital, its suburbs, (Bethlehem, Qumram), including the holy places of the three monotheistic religions. Also capital of the Holy Land, it would include representatives of all the ethnic groups, as it has since time immemorial.
8. Southern Lebanon, capital Saida, grouping Lebanese of various Moslem and Christian inclinations, could be governed alternatively by Christians and Moslems.
9. Lebanon, capital Beirut, very important Middle East commercial centre, this canton would be mainly Christian, and governed by Christians.
10. Anti-Lebanon, capital Zahle, comprising mainly Arabs and Druze, would be governed by Moslems.

The new state, the Holy Land, would be perfectly viable and could, in peace, develop considerably.
All Jews, all Palestinians and all Lebanese tendencies could find their place there, each new immigrant choosing the Region where he would best fit.

* PROPOSER: Dr. Philippe Gold-Aubert, born 1921, retired, former instructor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva; scientific researcher and Lecturer. Participated in the fifties in the creation of a village in Galilee (Nes Ammin = "Banner of the People"). This region, uncultivated and stony 40 years ago, devoid of trees, has today become luxuriant and flourishing thanks to the contribution in men and money of European Christians from different countries.

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